How to Spice Up Your Contemporary Garden Homes

Do you love plants particularly flowering plants?  Well, it’s time to plan your own garden.  Now that you have purchased your own home, adding a beautiful and lovely garden is the right time.  When you are just renting an apartment, you cannot introduce a landscaping and a garden thereon without the permission of your landlord.  But, having your own home, you have all the freedom to decorate your home and in the surrounding vacant spaces with contemporary garden homes of your choice.

How to plan your garden?  Planning a garden will take a lot of time and imagination.  As your first resources are garden pictures you can see on contemporary garden homes plants and gardening magazine in Canada and the United State.  Try to see and appreciate some pictures that you can see and how that garden concept can be copied and adopted in your home.  Of course, what you can see in the pictures cannot always be suitable for your home, but with a little revision, you can have a beautiful and lovely garden in your home.

The next step you should do after you have decided on your home garden concept, you will look for a suitable plant best suited to your place and taste.  Remember that not all plants could strive well in a cold places like Canada and some plants may wither during winter period. Select some plants that can survive the winter time for an outdoor garden.  However, it is a smarter idea to grow the plants you love most in pots.  Also, construct a small greenhouse so that you can place several potted plants inside during wintertime.

Another great idea about contemporary garden homes in Canada is the scheduling of planting. This idea will allow you to have a blooming and healthy garden at all times.  Planting a seasonal plant is best to be scheduled.  Knowing your plant seasonal growth is very important in the scheduling of planting and knowing what are those beautiful and colorful seasonal plants.  We could schedule the planting that a new plant could replace the older plants that will sooner wither down.  In effect, your garden will continually bloom and forever green.

A great garden is not all about flowers and plants; it has to have some other things, like a small pond, some rocks, a decorative statue, driftwood, and many other things.  Incorporating into your garden a patio or gazebo could be a very interesting idea.  You can enjoy your early morning coffee or you can stretch out your tired body before going for a good night’s rest on the patio or on the gazebo.  You can also hold a small garden party together with some few friends and to enjoy a chicken barbecue and a glass of wine.

Going dirty at times working in your garden is a fulfilling endeavor.  It is fulfilling because you can see the immediate results of your hard work.  Once the plants started to display a new leaf, you witness a new life and a new hope and once the plants started to show some buds, there will be a beauty to be appreciated and loved.   Your friends will certainly love and appreciate your place.

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