How To Fix a Leaking Kitchen Faucet

It’s not always necessary to call in a plumber to fix a leaking faucet. With a few easy steps you can become your own “master plumber”. If you ever need to fix a dripping faucet then this article is just what you need to get the job done.

The first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply to the sink. Most of the time the valve is located right underneath, if not you need to follow the plumbing line to the nearest shut off valve.

If the valve resists being turned, put a drop or two of oil right where the stem disappears into the large nut. Slightly loosen the nut and retighten to allow the oil to penetrate. Wait for a couple of minutes and then you should be able to turn the valve off.

The next step is to take out the stem from the body. Then there will be nut that needs to be turned counterclockwise to be taken off. The last step is to turn the faucet handle in an anti-clockwise direction. The whole thing will lift out in your hand.

If you have a ball-type fixture, there will be a setscrew on the lower surface of the handle itself, which you must remove. There will be a plastic ring or cap which you just unscrew and remove before pulling out the ball assembly.

Don’t be put off fixing dripping shower heads, it’s not all that difficult. Even if you don’t know anything about kohler faucet parts, you can still fix your leaking shower faucet.

You are almost finished, just need to replace the washer, which should still be attached the ball assembly you just pulled out. There’s a screw holding it on so remove that, replace it with the new washer, tighten the screw back on and be sure not to go too tight where the washer starts to become damaged.

To reassemble the faucet, simply repeat the previous steps in reverse order. Tighten the large nut back into place. Turn the water valve back on and that’s it!

If you are unlucky and the leak persists, you will most likely have to replace the entire unit. You will need to purchase a repair kit that you can find at your local plumbing supply or hardware store. On some occasions you may not be able to get a replacement part made by the original manufacturer. In that case look for a generic spare part from any well known vendor.

It’s a good idea before starting this job to go to your local plumbing supply with the make of your faucet just to make sure that all the necessary parts are available.

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