How to Find a Reputable Estate Agent for a Quick Property Sale Avoiding Problems

One of the most important things in achieving a Quick Home Sale is the finding of a good estate agent, here are some hints and tips to help you come to the best possible selection in the first place to help you to Sell Home Fast and without trouble.

Estate agents, like any other vocation, vary in skill. A good agent is worth his or her fee if they achieves a sale within your desired timeframe and at a price that enables you to achieve your onward move dreams. Don’t forget that forcing every last penny out of a sale is not automatically always your best tactic. If you are prepared to accept a somewhat low offer then the chances are you can pass this loss on to the seller of the property you are buying.

But, back to estate agents:

Appoint an estate agent that is prominent in your locality. They have to have an excellent high street presence. Many would be buyers look around a locality they wish to buy in and like togo to an office to pick up brochures and talk with staff. So the estate agent must also present themselves in a professional manner.

Showrooms really should be orderly, spick and span uncluttered and fit to be seen at all times, so should employees. Don’t forget these people are representing you and your property to the world.

Consider acting role playing a purchaser and visit several estate agents premises. Are the employees friendly and attentive. Do they acknowledge you straight away and take a real interest in your requirements. Do they give you their undivided attention and try to encourage you towards immediate viewings. Do they speak positively about any Homes they are presenting to you. If they are very good you could find yourself under real pressure to undertake a property viewing and you might need to beat a hasty retreat or admit about your real motives! How would you feel knowing these people are selling to sell your property.

Try calling their number several times to judge their telephone answering. Stay away from estate agents who use answer-phones in office hours, there’s never an excuse for doing this, they might lose that once in a while purchaser for your property. Evaluate their rapidity in picking up the phone, 6 rings or less is satisfactory, more than 12 is no good at all. If you leave a message for a particular member of staff, do they get back to you as they said they would?

Don’t appoint an agent on the basis of which one says they can get the highest price for you, no agent agent can extract more from a buyer than they are willing to pay. In any case it’s you who must be in control of the negotiating and what value is eventually agreed.

And ultimately, if you start to feel unsure about an estate agent, do not be scared to change and let a new agent have a turn. I’ve bought and sold a lot of Homes, and my experience is that it’s very much worth taking a little time to pick the right agent in order to Sell my Home fast, at a good price & with the least of stress.

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