8 Powerful New Home Design Trends for 2013

The new home design this year, 2013 in Canada is always growing. The preference of the consumers is often influenced by economics and geography. However, the new and good design is not only limited to the high price, built of the home, but this differs upon the market trend. According to Canadian home builders association, there are new home designs right now that anyone can have.

  • Classic yet modern design

Most homes right now that are often sold are designed in the combination of traditional and modern elements which create simpler and cleaner elevations. The interior spaces of the modern design of homes right now are simple, bright, and clean. The heavy detailing ornamentation is no longer applicable.

  • Outdoor spaces

Most homes have a built in extension outdoor like patio. Whether your home is a single family or perhaps multi-family building, most home buyers are looking for an outdoor space that blends with the indoors. With this reason, newly built homes right now have outdoor space where one can enjoy sitting outside of their home for a relaxation.

  • Cost-effective designs

Homes today are built in inexpensive design. One can see multiple lines of roofs. One cannot see right now exploding roof designs like rectangular form. To make sure that the home is not boring in the eye, homes are to be designed with creativity and appealing curves, corners and facades.

  • Family triangle design

The latest design of the living room right now has a flexible place which is also related to family triangle. The open plan depends on detail and light to give extra space than being large.

  • Multi-generational design

The multi-generational home design right now is getting popular and continues on rising. The design is best for extended families and for couples who have many children.

Another reason why this is built today is because of the following;

1. economic crisis

2. students often go back home after college

3. unemployment

4. older people have longer life expectancy

That is why; it is very efficient to have this kind of home design this year.

  • Large kitchen design

The kitchen right now is considered as the center of the house. This area is designed for storage, functional area and it should be big. The windows are built in large. The place for the cabinetry is now swapped to walk-in pantries.

  • Eco friendly design

Green design or Eco friendly design is well known right now. Home buyers today opt for a home that has green elements inside. The items found inside the house are easy to use, and can reduce costs. Some examples of the design include wood flooring and home equipment which are made of recycled products.

  • Less development of land

Today’s trends focus on multi-family and smaller development. The home is also near the amenities like market, schools, church and shopping malls. The importance of car garage is less emphasized. Most homeowners want to go to the mall without riding in a car anymore. These people want to take a walk going to the church and nearby market. This is one way to conserve gas and a good exercise.

The new home design right now only emphasized that most homeowners are very conscious about the marketing industry. The economic crisis still continues to rise and this is also an advantage because most people are now living in an Eco friendly way.

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